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Valley Valuations is a team of CPA’s and Certified Valuation Analysts specially trained to help you with your business appraisal needs. We provide our services to business owners, attorneys, banks, and others who need specialized professional assistance. Our valuations are typically prepared for sale of businesses, buy-sell agreements, shareholder buy-outs, dissolutions of marriage, merger & acquisition transactions, S-Corporation elections, and gift and estate tax returns. If you are looking for a specialized advisor to assist you, we can help. We have the requisite skills, training and licensing to complete your project.

If you wish to sell your business, Valley Valuations can navigate and guide you through the process, providing professional services that will lead to a successful close and the greatest value to the owners.

All business owners eventually exit their business.  We are here to assist in those moments with professional business valuation and appraisal services. Most of our clients come to us by referral from their trusted advisors, whether that be their attorney, CPA or banker.  We appreciate those referrals and work diligently to secure a place of trust.  You can expect candid, independent advice.  Better results are achieved with engagement of us early in the process, allowing us to advise on ways to increase the value of your business and streamline the transition of your business, addressing items that may hinder a successful close. Our history of hundreds of engagements is leveraged to provide you experienced and professional services.

Our proprietary process of establishing value, marketing your business, and closing the deal, maximizes shareholder value with the least amount cost, time and effort. Our advisors have advanced accounting, business, tax and finance degrees including certifications and licenses in business valuation, and accounting.

While assisting clients from coast-to-coast is common, our practice area is primarily the Central Valley of California, the Central Coast, and the greater western states. However, we have provided services in over 25 states.

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Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services

Valley Valuations provides independent business valuations. We serve Central California and beyond with business appraisal and valuation services. Located in Fresno, California…

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Buy-Sell Agreements

Valley Valuations provides business valuation and consulting services to attorneys and their clients, to assist with the creation, adjustment, and business valuation when a triggering event happens.

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Reasons for a Valuation

Few business owners relish spending money on something unnecessary. For most owners, hiring an expert to estimate the value of their companies falls into the unnecessary category…

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M&A Services

Selling A Business

An important step in the sale of any business is a proper business valuation. While there are many types and uses for a business valuation, it’s important that you have one prepared that is specific for selling your business.

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Exit Planning

For a business owner, exiting right and retiring well takes smart planning. Exit planning, or succession planning as it is sometimes called, is about preparing well ahead of the exit of your company.  It’s about controlling how…

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Transaction Advisory

We can develop and implement your strategy and accelerate transactions by stepping in and assisting. We can conduct industry research, identify, and contact target companies, make offers and negotiate, provide business…

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Buy Side Services

Buy Side Services

You don’t need a full-time development professional:  we know the markets, and have national networks of associated M&A advisers. Valley Valuation provides the following services on a contract basis. Phase I :  Planning…

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