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transaction advisoryWhile most of our engagement are full scope projects, we can also assist clients with:

Strategic Acquisitions / Outsourced Corporate Development

We can develop and implement your strategy and accelerate transactions by stepping in and assisting. We can conduct industry research, identify, and contact target companies, make offers and negotiate, provide business valuations, organize and run due diligence requests, arrange financing, manage the project, facilitate closings and advise on post-closing business integration.

Management and Employee Buy Outs

Valley Valuations guides owners and management through the entire management buyout process. Services include business valuation, feasibility analysis, negotiations, structuring deals that align shareholder and management incentives, sourcing capital, and general project management. We often will begin meeting with the owners and buy-out participants a year or more in advance.


Valley Valuations can help you diversify your assets, take some money off the table with a partial liquidity event whereby you sell a portion of your business. You can stay involved in your business, participate in the increased value of retained shares until you are ready to exit completely.

Independent Business Valuation

You may be selling the business on your own, or countering an offer and the buyer asks, “How did you come up with that price?” Are you confident in your process and will the buyer consider your evaluation? They likely have experts on their side. An independent valuation by experts, such as Valley Valuations, can go a long way to developing creditability and consideration of your price. We are CPA’s and Certified Valuation Analysts. Our reports bring value and credibility.

À la carte Transaction Advisory Services

You may need help with specific aspects of a sale, merger or acquisition transaction. Our services include a third-party business valuation as part of due diligence, creating an offering memorandum, conducting research, marketing, making buyer introductions, candidate screening, obtaining acquisition financing, negotiating and deal structuring, managing the due diligence process, and general project management. We can even provide tax consulting with advanced knowledge and experience in sale-of-business tax issues. We are tax-centric CPA’s and can provide creative ways to reduce your taxes that others cannot provide.

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