A Lack of Confidentiality Can Destroy your Business Transaction

Confidentiality agreement

When it comes to business transactions, confidentiality is vital to a smooth transaction. Every business broker knows this and takes the necessary steps to ensure that all conversations between buyers and sellers remain confidential. However, oftentimes, buyers and sellers don’t realize just how important confidentiality is for a successful business transaction. In this blog post, we will explore why everyone who is part of a business transaction needs to take extra care when discussing details of a potential deal by keeping those conversations as private as possible.

Firstly, a lack of confidentiality can scare employees. Most employees have zero power in a business transaction. Many are terrified to learn that the business they are working for is being sold. Ultimately, employees are scared of losing their jobs. And that makes sense. If an employee hears about a possible transaction they may be scared enough to leave and find other, more stable, employment. Key employees that are necessary to the successful continuance of the business must be handled with care. Creating assurance in them is vital to the continued stability of the company and may help create assurance in other employees for a smoother transaction. As a general rule, avoid telling employees until the last possible moment. This will ensure that operations continue to run as smoothly as possible.

Secondly, a lack of confidentiality in a business transaction can scare customers. It usually takes a lot to cause a customer to seek a new supplier. However, if they hear that the business may be sold, this may be enough to stress the business relationship and cause them to look elsewhere for their needs. Customers who depend on a company want to know if the quality of the service and/or product they have received in the past will be the same. Again, this makes sense. By waiting to notify customers until the last possible moment, you give them little time to replace you, and they are more likely to continue with the buyer as long as nothing noticeably changes.

Ultimately, maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance in business transactions. By keeping conversations private both sellers and buyers can preserve employees, and customers and protect the overall value of the Company. Maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process is in everyone’s best interests and will help the transaction continue with minimal disruption.

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